Acumen is using Defi to power microfinance globally. Acumen bridges crypto and Traditional assets to provide a stable, uncorrelated yield to the Acumen community, enabling lower cost for capital to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).
The Acumen protocol can help unlock economic growth and prosperity for millions globally by providing reasonable access to capital for SMEs. The Acumen creates a mutually beneficial ecosystem, where users can earn a stable interest rate backed by traditional assets and empower SMEs to receive access to reasonably priced capital. Built natively on the Solana Blockchain,
Acumen is a pioneer in using Defi for financial inclusion. Solana provides the Acumen protocol with the speed, scale, and lower transaction costs essential for microfinance. By participating in Acumen, you can build a more equitable world!
The docs provide a knowledge base for the Acumen protocol and cover lending, borrowing, interest rate models, governance, and product roadmap.
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