Stable Dapp and Microfinance
The capital locked in the Stable Dapp will be deployed in traditional financial channels. The first stage of this deployment is the “on-ramp”, which is when the funds are in the protocol and haven’t been deployed. Users will designate the lock-up period of their funds and seamlessly begin to earn interest.
The next stage for capital on the StableDapp is the “deployed” stage. This is where the funds are lent out by third parties and are earning interest. The initial target market is El Salvador. The reason we chose El Salvador is because of their favorable outlook on cryptocurrencies and blockchain, as well as the team is from Latin America and familiar with the market.
We believe the Acumen protocol can play a unique role in developing nations by making capital more accessible at more favorable rates than traditional channels. While initially starting operations in El Salvador, which also has a very favorable outlook for cryptocurrency, being the only country in the world to declare BTC national tender, we believe the protocol can rapidly expand to additional countries as it provides a workable framework to all partners in the ecosystem and solves a key issue in financial inclusion globally which is access to capital at reasonable rates. Third-party capital deployment partners can take many forms to generate the desired return and can be asset-backed lenders, direct investment with preferred payments streams, trade finance, or companies that provide short-term loans.
The last stage for capital on the StableDapp is back on the “off-ramp.” At this point, the user’s interest and principal would be paid back, and they would be able to withdraw their funds as the lock-up period has ended.
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