DAO Membership

Become a member of the Acumen DAO to increase your participation within the protocol and support Acumen's growth and expansion.

System will only go live with the launch of the ACM governance token

In order to build the future of debt capital markets in an equitable manner for all participants the governance of the Acumen Protocol is decentralized through a DAO structure. Membership in the Acumen DAO is unlocked through a staking process where users lock up the Acumen governance token ACM in the DAO Membership Vault. To attain membership users must lock up their held ACM for a minimum of one financial quarter to ensure long term dedication to the protocol.

The DAO membership system encourages users of the Acumen Protocol to hold and lock up ACM governance tokens to attain the benefits and rewards associated with DAO Membership hence ensuring increased community participation in governance and subsequent commitment to the long-term success of the protocol.

Membership in the Acumen DAO brings ordinary users of the protocol several benefits:

  • Governance proposals: Acumen DAO Members with DAO Membership weight above the designated threshold may submit proposals to be voted on by the DAO.

  • Governance votes: Acumen DAO Members may vote on submitted proposals

  • Excess Revenues Rewards: Acumen DAO Members will be rewarded for their staked position in stablecoin rewards accrued from the excess revenues of the protocol.

Excess Revenues Rewards

Acumen DAO Members are given the right to the excess revenues of the protocol which are paid out in the stablecoins USDC, USDT or DAI as per the choice of the DAO Member. The amount paid out in excess revenue rewards is determined through the excess rewards rate that is decided through governance votes. The excess revenue rewards total is then split up among DAO Members pro-rate meaning that they are split up based on the weight of the users DAO Membership determined through the Acumen DAO membership weight formula.

Excess revenue rewards are paid out on a quarterly (4-month period) basis to align with the most sparse possible repayment schedule of Borrowers. Memberships started during a financial quarter will be entitled to a reward amount proportional to the percent of time having staked during said financial quarter.

Becoming a DAO Member

On the Acumen Dapp through the Manage navigation bar link users can migrate to the DAO Membership page where after connecting their wallet they can deposit either just ACM or a combination of both ACM and collateral tokens for increased membership weight to attain DAO Membership.

Having staked the necessary tokens a user will be able to view a countdown starting at four months as long as their wallet is connected. Once the timer comes to an end users will have the option to withdraw at any point.

DAO Membership weight

The weight of a user’s DAO membership is calculated through the Acumen DAO membership weight formula. Increasing the weight of a user’s DAO Membership is possible through two methods:

  1. The weight of DAO membership increases exponentially with increased commitment of ACM to the Acumen DAO Membership Vault meaning that with every extra ACM committed the weight of all previous ACM committed increases.

  2. Combining deposited ACM in the governance membership vault with collateral tokens received from depositing into a Fixed Pool or being a Liquidity Provider for the Senior Pool increases the weight of your staked ACM.

Acumen DAO membership weight formula:

mW=(ACM * $v)^{0.01}+Ct


  • mW = Membership weight

  • ACM = Acumen governance token

  • $v = Dollar value of Acumen governance token

  • Ct = Collateral Token

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