High-Level Overview of the MicroDapp

Currently, there is a disconnect in our financial system — the financial tools that DeFi offers aren’t accessible by Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). There is also a disparity in access to capital, where SMEs in developing nations must pay very high rates for lines of credit compared to large financial institutions and multinationals. SMEs are stuck paying rates from anywhere from 30–300%, while at the same time, SMEs, are often the growth engines of their economies, so it is vital that we make capital just as accessible to SMEs as it is to large banks and Corporations.
The MicroDapp aims to fix this problem by finding an equilibrium point between earning a stable non-correlated yield and providing more affordable access to capital to SMEs, in turn democratizing access to capital. The MicroDapp will allow users to lock up their funds to earn a stable, non-correlated interest rate, allowing users to earn a stable return of 8-12%.
When capital is deposited into the Acumen MicroDapp, funds are locked and converted into fiat. This fiat will then be deployed throughout financial markets starting in El Salvador but expanding globally.