Use Cases

A major problem that plagues most DeFi protocols on the Ethereum blockchain is gas fees. Since Acumen is built to be EVM-Compatible, Acumen can attain a network’s sub-second finality and much lower average transaction fees, making the protocol faster and more efficient while at the same time-saving money. Speed and cost are essential components for protocols; if gas fees are too high it makes basic transactions unprofitable and ineffective. By leveraging EVM-Compatible chains, we are able to remedy this problem faced by protocols and make microfinance a profitable reality.
Through our Microfinance Dapp users are able to receive a stable yield on their assets that is decoupled from the volatility of the crypto market. This means that no matter whether bull, bear, or crab, users are able to receive a yield. We also ensure greater financial inclusion through the democratization of access to capital. As a result, more cost-effective and favorable borrowing rates are achieved.
We have proven that our protocol is profitable, and as a result allows token holders to have rights over excess revenues. This provides an intrinsic value to our $ACM token rather than value derived from simple usage, hype or governance!